• Psychotherapy Services

    Des Lynch Counselling provides individual counselling & psychotherapy as guided experience to reflect around life changes for those men and women eager to learn about themselves.

    In person, face to face counselling therapy is ideal when you are wishing to deal with anything from anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and lack of confidence, phobias and many other limiting personal issues.

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  • Mental Skills Coaching

    The abilities that most mental skills coaches emphasize include, but are not limited to, increasing one’s ability to pay attention, concentrate, focus, set goals, visualize, and mentally rehearse next steps..

    At Des Lynch Counselling we teach all the above, but particularly emphasize mindfulness: the ability to stay present in the moment. It is the single most important mental skill an athlete can develop.

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  • What can our counselling help with?

    Some of the common disorders that Des can help with include:

    Anxiety, phobias and OCD
    Adult ADHD and Child ADHD
    Autistic spectrum disorders
    Bipolar affective disorder
    Depression and Treatment Resistant Depression
    Eating disorders and body image issues
    Stress and Burn out
    Personality Disorders
    Brain Injuries

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